Sustainable Schools

The Sustainable Schools Initiative in Kenya provides education and infrastructure to impoverished schools, allowing students and communities to become working models for sustainability.
Our project will take the Sustainable School model, which we have been developing at Daraja Academy for the past 4 years, to more schools in the region.

Biogas PhotoOur Sustainable Schools Initiative will educates students on basic ecological principles by incorporating local, holistically designed solutions, such as:

• Biogas digestion to provide a source of clean, renewable cook fuel for the kitchen.
• Greywater systems to recycle water to grow fruit & fodder trees in this semi-arid, equatorial region. • Seed bank & indigenous tree nursery to re-forest the degraded landscape surrounding the campus.
• Raised gardens built on contour to increase the water holding capacity & fertility of the soil.
• Drip irrigation systems which utilize rain water harvested from classrooms & administrative offices.

The school campus will become a ‘living laboratory’ for water, energy and waste management practices which benefits the school and educates the students. An environmental ambassadors program will be created to educate a sub-set of highly motivated students on holistic lifecycle analysis (AKA ‘cradle to grave’) and environmental footprint monitoring utilizing freely available resources.