Sustainable Schools Kenya

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Our Sustainable Schools Initiative in Kenya provides education and infrastructure to schools, allowing students and communities to become working models for sustainability. By implementing experiential learning, students become aware of the role they play in relation to their food, water, energy and ultimately, the ecology of their region. We piloted this program at Daraja Academy and are excited to continue this project at two more schools during our next trip. Those of you who are familiar with origin story of The Hummingbird Project know that Daraja Academy in Kenya is the fertile ground from which THP grew. Volunteering there in 2010 led to projects in Uganda,...

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Kenya Biogas

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Biogas is a clean renewable source of cooking fuel that can be generated from leftover organic matter.  Currently, over 90% of East Africans use wood or charcoal as fuel to cook their daily meals, resulting in a myriad of environmental issues such as deforestation and desertification as well as health issues to those who are exposed to the smoke. Each of the household digesters will provide a free clean renewable source of cooking fuel by capturing the methane released from organic waste materials such as animal manures and household food scraps. In addition, The Hummingbird Project will develop curriculum to educate neighboring communities about the importance of...

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