What Sustainable Development Really Looks Like

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As THP prepares to return to rural Champa, Chhattisgarh for our third year, we wanted to share some background and successes to date.   We met our partner, Mr. Baswaraj, when he and 3 of his team members came to Navdanya in 2011 for a farmer training program. We were able to present on the ‘living soil’ to his group and soon after he invited us to Champa to share the information with his farmers’ groups. Baswaraj works for Champa Mission Hospital. After years of having desperate farmers admitted for pesticide poisoning (attempted suicide), they crafted a program to help the farmers in the community before they reached the hospital gates. He and his staff...

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Sustainable Schools Kenya

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Our Sustainable Schools Initiative in Kenya provides education and infrastructure to schools, allowing students and communities to become working models for sustainability. By implementing experiential learning, students become aware of the role they play in relation to their food, water, energy and ultimately, the ecology of their region. We piloted this program at Daraja Academy and are excited to continue this project at two more schools during our next trip. Those of you who are familiar with origin story of The Hummingbird Project know that Daraja Academy in Kenya is the fertile ground from which THP grew. Volunteering there in 2010 led to projects in Uganda,...

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Navdanya’s A-Z of Organic Agriculture and Agroecology Course 2013

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By: Chris Kennedy In what has become an annual rite of passage, over 40 farmers, activists and engaged citizens from all over the world gathered at Navdanya’s farm in India for a month long course on “The A-Z’s of Organic Agriculture and Agroecology”. We were blessed to be able to share our passion for the living soil, assist teaching and participate for the entire month. With over 20 eminent guests leading lectures and hands on activities each day for a month, we will not be able to describe all the learning that took place, but wanted to share a few of the highlights. Each of the four weeks was focused on a ‘living topic’; systems, soil, food and...

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Building An Earthship & Community

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After a thirty-one hour drive from Ohio, we arrived at the new Higher Elevation Permaculture Center, which is sprouting up in picturesque Teton Valley, Idaho. Just over the mountains from Jackson, Wyoming, at an elevation of 6,200 feet, an Earthship is being constructed in a valley steppe surrounded by monoculture potato and barley farms. The Tetons and the Big Hole mountains are snowcapped and form the beautiful backdrop where high country snow feeds artesian springs. Forested stands of pine, aspen and firs paint the nearby hillsides.   An Earthship is an off-the-grid home which derives its electricity from the sun and wind, its water from rain and snowmelt, and...

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India’s Ambitious Biogas Program in Question

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Survey of plants in Uttar Pradesh tells a dark tale of neglect Written by Bobby Ramakant An ambitious and heavily subsidized program to encourage rural India to install biogas and manure plants for renewable energy appears to have been largely a flop, at least in Uttar Pradesh, according to Surabhi Agarwal, an engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology in Khanpur. Despite acute power shortages in rural areas, varying levels of poverty and impoverishment and a cheap and efficient power source, why is the program not an outstanding success? Agarwal studied biogas plants installed in the past decade or more in four villages in the Hardoi district in Uttar Pradesh...

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17 Rules For A Sustainable Local Community

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By Wendell Berry (Editor’s Note: This list is all over the internet and I’m not sure who posted it first but all credit goes to the man himself; from a speech delivered by ‘mad’ farmer, author, and cultural critic Wendell Berry November 11, 1994 at the 23rd annual meeting of the Northern Plains Resource Council.) How can a sustainable local community (which is to say a sustainable local economy) function? I am going to suggest a set of rules that I think such a community would have to follow. I hasten to say that I do not understand these rules as predictions; I am not interested in foretelling the future. If these rules have any validity, it is because they...

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