Biogas is a clean renewable source of cooking fuel that can be generated from leftover organic matter.  Currently, over 90% of East Africans and 77% of rural Indians use wood or charcoal as fuel to cook their daily meals, resulting in a myriad of environmental issues such as deforestation and desertification as well as health issues to those who are exposed to the smoke.

  • Currently, The Hummingbird Project is collaborating with SWAN, an Indian NGO, to build biogas digesters in the rural community of Bageshwar, Uttarakhand.
  • We have begun a comprehensive survey of the existing biogas plants in a village outside of Lucknow. With this knowledge, THP will be able to repair existing plants, provide training for maintenance and target specific sites for new construction.

Each household biogas digester provides a free clean renewable source of cooking fuel by capturing the methane released from organic waste materials such as animal manures, plant residues and household food scraps.