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The Hummingbird Project Board Openings 2016

Submission Guidelines


The Hummingbird Project’s Board of Directors is inviting candidates who are interested in contributing to the leadership of the organization.


The Hummingbird Project (THP) was inspired by the belief that a coalition of individuals, each working for positive change, can have a profound impact on the world. Founded in 2010, THP works for social justice through ecological regeneration and community empowerment initiatives. We envision a world in which people, inspired by nature, create and maintain healthy and abundant livelihoods that enhance biodiversity and regenerate healthy ecosystems. Today, THP has grown into an international network of volunteers, collaborating organizations and projects on three continents. THP selects projects based on our 5 core principles of Effectiveness, Sustainability, Replication, Empowerment and Impact. We believe in the power of collaboration and implement a country-driven, participatory and fully transparent approach to our projects.

Currently, THP is focused on three core programs:

  • The Living Soil Saves Lives program provides training for rural Indian farmers on the soil food web and various composting techniques with the goal of assisting their transition back to natural, organic farming methods. Since 2011, THP has presented on the ‘Living Soil’ to over 2,500 individuals in 6 different states across India and has helped 12 farmer’s cooperatives by providing infrastructure such as water harvesting, irrigation and vermicompost systems.
  • The Sustainable Schools initiative in Kenya provides education and infrastructure to impoverished schools, allowing students and communities to become working models for sustainability. By implementing experiential learning, students become aware of the role they play in relation to their food, water, energy and ultimately, the ecology of their region. Since young people represent the fastest growing demographic in Africa, developing more Sustainable School models will empower the next generation with the knowledge needed to “Be The Change”.
  • To further our mission in our hometown, we have started the Cleveland Seed Bank, which facilitates, educates and is building a community network of seed savers in an effort to develop a resilient, locally-adapted seed supply and take responsibility for the sustainability of our food system.


Criteria and Qualifications

First and foremost, we are looking for candidates who are passionate about our mission and who want to be active and engaged board members. We are not bound by geography, although we would like to increase our representation in the areas we serve, as well as our ethnic diversity. We are also looking for board members who want to serve as ambassadors and representatives for the organization by convening or hosting events or speaking at and attending conferences and public events. Some of our priority areas for skill sets include (but are not limited to):

  • Skills in marketing, PR, and communications;
  • Campaign or community organizing experience in mobilizing individuals and communities to take action or change behavior;
  • Social venture, business, or entrepreneurial background, especially within the B Corporation context and in businesses related to social responsibility, greening, impact creation, sharing, or peer-to-peer (sharing/collaborative consumption);
  • Development, fundraising, or grantwriting skills and experience;
  • Design mindset and background, especially in visual arts, graphic design, film, etc.;
  • Background in strategic technology, technology infrastructure for social change, and/or digital strategy; and
  • Nonprofit experience and prior board experience.

Deadline & Timeline

January 1                                        Call for applications

March 15                                       Deadline for submissions

April 1 – May 1                            In-person meetings or phone conversations

May 15                                            Invitations sent

June 1                                            Term begins

Application Requirements

  1. Nomination Form
  2. Résumé
  3. Two references (from professional colleagues and/or former board colleagues)

Nomination Form




Short Bio:

Please answer the following questions:

Why are you interested in serving on The Hummingbird Project’s Board?

What skills would you bring to the Board?

What personal qualities would you bring to the Board?

How do you live THP values in your own life?

How much time can you allocate for THP board service per month?

Please e-mail form, resume and references to

Board Expectations

Board Members are expected to join in-person board meetings 1–2 times a year as well as monthly board or committee calls. The board term is three years.


  • To embrace and advance the organization’s mission
  • To select the executive director
  • To conduct organizational planning
  • To ensure adequate resources
  • To manage resources effectively
  • To promote and enhance the organization’s public image
  • To evaluate the Board’s own performance
  • To evaluate the executive director’s performance
  • To fulfill the Board’s fiduciary responsibilities to protect the interests of the organization, ensure proper legal procedures, and exercise sound management of its assets


  • To embrace and THP’s mission, values, policies, programs, and bylaws
  • To communicate THP’s mission and programs to the broader public
  • To keep informed of developments in THP’s field
  • To contribute both time and resources to support THP
  • To participate actively in fundraising activities
  • To support THP financially in a manner commensurate with a member’s ability
  • To suggest potential Board nominees
  • To attend and participate in Board calls and meetings
  • To attend an annual 1–2 day retreat
  • To review the agenda and supporting materials prior to all meetings
  • To join and participate on at least one Board committee
  • To avoid any actions or activities that may represent a conflict of interest


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