Guiding Principles

Change doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s why The Hummingbird Project is committed to providing big impact on a small budget. 100% of your gift directly supports THP’s educational initiatives, which are selected using rigorous criteria.







Effectiveness– Your support is an investment that enables The Hummingbird Project to dialogue directly with community members so that we can provide the most effective solutions for short- and long-term benefit.

Sustainability- Your gift ensures that we implement projects that are long lasting, as well as those that can be simply and independently managed by community members.

Replication- We are committed to finding efficient solutions that can be easily replicated wherever they may be most needed. Your support crosses continents to benefit marginalized communities throughout India, Africa, and even back home.

Empowerment- We work with each target community to fully understand their fundamental needs and provide the educational tools that will empower individuals to regain control over their food supply. 100% of your gift ensures that community members— especially those that are most vulnerable, such as women, children, and the underrepresented— are directly involved in identifying the projects they need most and then determining how those projects will be most effectively managed over time.

Impact- The Hummingbird Project strives to develop initiatives that will reach the greatest number of people. Each gift from a loyal donor helps fund educational instruction that is fun, simple, and effective so that students can indefinitely implement and replicate beneficial regenerative farming techniques.